Unlocking Creative Potential: How Mr. Composition's Collaboration Helped Elevate My Artistic Journey

As artists, collaboration is often key to unlocking our full creative potential. It's not just about finding the right person to work with, but also about finding people who push you to be better and help you achieve your artistic vision. One of my top collaborators in this regard is Mr. Composition, a talented rapper and artist who has played a pivotal role in my journey.

A few years ago, we were part of a creative community in San Antonio, Texas. Our friend and collaborator, Franque Michele, founded an organization called Black Writers of San Antonio, which aimed to promote the work of black writers and artists in the city. This organization hosted events, workshops, and created content that brought together a diverse community of creatives.

When Franque handed the organization to Mr. Composition, he took it to the next level by developing a literary journal called The Mix Book Vol. 1. This journal featured the work of several writers and artists, including myself. What made this moment so important for me as an artist was the fact that one of my paintings was chosen to be the background of the journal's cover.

The painting was an abstract piece that was a part of series I had been working on for months, and it was incredibly validating to see it featured in such a prominent way. It was a testament to the fact that my work was being recognized and appreciated by my peers and the broader artistic community. But more than that, it was a testament to the power of collaboration.

Working with Mr. Composition and the Black Writers of San Antonio was an experience that pushed me to be better. It taught me the importance of networking, building relationships, and collaborating with other artists to create something truly meaningful. It showed me that by working together, we can create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In the years since that experience, I've continued to collaborate with Mr. Composition on various projects. His passion for music, writing, and the arts is contagious, and it has inspired me to keep pushing myself as an artist. I'm grateful for his support, his friendship, and his unwavering commitment to creating meaningful art.


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